Terp Wipes
Terp Wipes

Terp Wipes

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Terp Wipes are thick single use cotton pads that are made with 75% ethyl alcohol and 25% distilled water. Each box contains 70 individually packaged swabs. Terp Wipes® are different than the average alcohol wipes because they are thicker and they are soaked in ethyl alcohol. Terp wipes are more absorbent and will not shred like pharmacy brand wipes. Additionally, the ethyl alcohol is grain based - which is both food safe and non-toxic. Terp Wipes are the perfect choice for sticky mouthpieces, carb caps, bangers, and dabbers!

Keep the stick off your stuff!

Terp Wipes® are ideal for: 
-Quartz Bangers 
-Carb Caps 
-Mouthpieces/Glass Joints 
-Sticky Fingers 
-Sesh Tables 
-Pelican® Cases